The Most Special Gift – Ancient Magician Stone "Nuummite"

A gift that I am honestly happy with. The gift is special because it reflects the feelings of the sender. In particular, the joy of being given something that I couldn't quite imagine was exceptional. Luxury jewellery "AWNL" offers natural stone jewellery with mysterious power. Introducing this time is "AWNL" jewelry using natural stone "Nuummite ".

It's hard to imagine the Earth 3 billion years ago. The earth 3 billion years ago, in fact, had no land and was completely covered with water. The earth was an ocean planet. And it is said that the day was only about 6 hours. Currently, about 24 hours a day is a result of the slow rotation of the earth over a long period of time. This change has something to do with the ebb and flow of the tide. This ebb and flow of the tide comes from the enormous energy that occurs between the earth and the moon. It is a phenomenon in which seawater is pulled by the attraction of the moon. Seawater that comes beneath the moon is affected by the maximum gravitational force of the moon, but the friction between the seawater and the seabed does not immediately react to the gravitational force. This is called tidal friction.

This tidal friction deprives the Earth of energy, slowing its rotation and lengthening the day. In this way, "Nuummite" was born 3 billion years ago when the earth was an ocean planet. "Nuummite" is a miracle stone with the early power that the earth once had, that is, a stone based on the pure energy of the earth. The effect of gemstones is said to energize life, support recovery, and amplify power. It is also said to release the mind and head and purify the subconscious mind.

Special texture and luster that only "Nuummite" has

"Nuummite" is based on black minerals and is a mixture of fine debris such as gold and red, giving it a worm-colored hue. The debris is short and has a metallic luster on the surface, giving it a fantastic color. Nuummite, which is chic but rich in color, is also characterized by its moist texture when held.

"AWNL" jewellery

"AWNL" is a luxury jewelry brand using natural stones born in Sweden. Because it uses carefully selected high-quality natural stones, it heals the wearer as if the energy of the earth was taken into the body. And everyone will be fascinated by the beauty of the natural stone.

"AWNL" "Nuummite" Jewellery

A design that uses Nuummite with mysterious power to create a subtle and chic luster. There is a profound and high-quality atmosphere. The color is calm and chic black, so it is sometimes casual, sometimes cool, and suits any outfit, creating a fashionable look. It is easy to put on because it uses elastic rubber. "AWNL" offers beautifully star-cut Nuummite bracelets.

For special gifts such as Christmas and birthdays

Many men should be careful about their appearance, such as clothes, hairstyles, and belongings. Among them, jewelry is the one that brings out the coolness. Many men's jewellery symbolizes self-confidence, energy and strength, and adds masculinity. "AWNL" jewelry can be enjoyed fashionably with a sophisticated design. In addition, power stones are applied, so if you wear your favorite jewelry that suits you, you will feel better and you will be enthusiastic about various things. A perfect gift for a special Christmas or birthday gift.

Nuummite has existed on Earth since 3 billion years. Who do you want to give it to? Pick up an unknown natural stone and feel the mysterious power of the universe with your loved one. I'm sure that a magnificent romance that transcends time and space will deeply connect the feelings of the two.

And "Nuummite", which has been shining from ancient times to the present, should warmly and dynamically welcome the feelings of you and your loved ones.