AWNL Brings the Geometric Art to Meteorite Jewelry Design

AWNL Brings the Geometric Art to Meteorite Jewelry Design

Jewelry has become the focus of fashion styling, but the mass’ cognition of jewelry design still stays in the traditional level. As a professional high-end jewelry brand, AWNL desires to tell everyone that modern jewelry can actually blend with many varied art forms, and geometric art is one of the popular choices.

Geometric Art is created using geometric elements, shapes, inspired from geometry, which had great influences on abstract art movements including both the Constructivism and Suprematism in 20th century. AWNL honors Geometry Art by infusing the geometry element into their Interstellar Meteorite Jewelry design in a good wish to endow unique beauty to the wearer.

Geometric style is also a category of modern jewelry styles. It embodies the beauty of its disorderly changes with infinite possibilities, and the geometric inspiration composed of dots, lines, squares and circles, freely interprets the essence of modern minimalist art and outlines the unique beauty of the wearer... AWNL unprecedentedly combines one of the basic shapes in geometry – Triangle, a polygon with three edges and three vertices, with Robert Sternberg’s Triangular Theory of Love in the jewelry design. And by applying “Meteo-protecta-Tech” and traditional cutting craftsmanship, it turns the concept of sparkling love and sense of Geometric beauty into a real thing.

AWNL also firmly believes that Geometric art is a harmonious aesthetics endowed by nature. The likes of geometric rocks, geometric snowflake crystals and Widmanstätten structure (geometrical meteoritic pattern), are typical representatives. And this brings AWNL to the use of Muonionalusta meteorite.

The Swedish meteorite – essence of time and space

Through 1-Million-Years and 4 ice ages, the Swedish meteorite - Muonionalusta, is the oldest of its kind ever found.

The first fragment was discovered in 1906 near the village of Kitkiöjärvi by meteorite hunters. Forgotten by the northern light and quietly stood through 4 ice ages, this abstract piece of artwork with exclusive texture was finally bred by the unique space and time. This special Geometric pattern only forms when ridiculously hot iron-nickel alloys are cooled down slowly, and AWNL discovered its charm and decided to forge these falling stars into daily accessories.

And not just interstellar collection, AWNL has a slew of beaded meteorite bracelets and necklaces of classic design. Whatever one may refer it to, a shooting star or a guiding star, AWNL always bring the real star to all.


In the past 35 years, the Lindberg family a high-end jeweler from Stockholm, dive deep into the northern wilderness of Sweden and discovered the Muonionalusta meteorite as a mysterious jewelry material. Since then, they have been focusing on making this magical meteorite into a variety of traditional jewelry. At the beginning of this century, the second generation of the family took over the company by breathing the modern and cutting-edge style into the undertaking. So in 2011, the energy jewelry brand AWNL (All we Need is Love) was born. It was inspired by Swedish philosophers and mystics.

Influenced by Emanuel Swedenborg, the AWNL brand interprets this combination of natural materials, exquisite craftsmanship and the mystic Nordic meditation. AWNL is intended to awaken the hidden potential of the wearer, bringing the power of protection and healing.