Top 10 Scandi Valentine's Day Jewellery Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day is coming up and buying your partner a special gift for the occasion can be an anxiety ridden affair. Although there are many traditional gifts suitable for valentines-- such as chocolates or flowers-- they are temporary. If you want to commemorate your relationship with something more lasting, nothing beats a dazzling jewellery piece.

Although jewellery can seem the more unadventurous choice, there are definitely interesting companies out there that can provide you with that unique and special gift for your loved one. One of those is AWNL, which procure not just beautifully designed jewellery pieces, but glittering jewellery that bestow spiritual energy and protection. They are a more thoughtful choice for your partner than the more staid traditional jewellery brands.

Before we get to the meat of this article, here are some general principles to remember once you have selected the jewellery piece you like:

Presentation is everything -- that means the gift should be well wrapped and remove the price tag. This isn’t just as simple as buying someone something and giving it to them, although it may seem like it. This is a special occasion and you need to be more thoughtful and deliberate with how you present your gift. Finding the right packaging can display to your loved one how much you cherish them. Luckily, when buying AWNL jewellery pieces, they provide some exquisite packaging each time you order from them.

Price, Price, Price -- although this is more subjective to each individual, the price of your gift should correspond somewhat to how long the relationship has been. Although there are caveats if you know your partner prefers more expensive pieces or maybe they are more frugal. Nonetheless, you generally do not want to underspend on a gift when you have been together for a long time (this may show you do not treasure the relationship), nor do you want to give out an expensive gift immediately after a few dates (as it can be overwhelming). Again, being thoughtful here is the idea.

Now here are the top ten jewellery ideas for valentines.

Scandi Necklace Gifts for Her

The Women’s Necklace of Rainbow with Opal

AWNL Rainbow Bridge Necklace

Inspired by Norse mythology, specifically the rainbow bridge that leads from our Earth realm to the realm of the gods in Asgard. The Australian Opal represents amplification of spiritual energies, hope, and purity. This elegant necklace is at a more budget price range at $249, suitable for any budding relationship.

Women’s Silver Necklace with Meteorite, Stars, and Moon

 AWNL Star and Moon Necklace

As the saying goes, “ Give her the stars and the moon”, this sterling silver necklace plated with 18k white gold is a fine piece. Along with the celestial body design, it comes with real Muonionalusta meteorite, a Swedish meteorite that is billions of years old-- older than the Earth itself. Inspired by dark sky park, a distinguished nocturnal environment, this jewelry piece imbues the wearer with strong protection and the shooting star meteorite is said to manifest wishes. This is a perfect piece for any relationship at the affordable price tag of $399.

Women’s Sterling Silver Necklace with Meteorite of Flipped

AWNL Flipped Necklace

Embellished with bright zircon, this necklace is also made with Muonionalusta meteorite, shaped into a loving heart symbolizing eternal enduring love and romance. With dazzling CZ diamonds and a pricier tag of $629, this is a gift more suitable for a long-term relationship and shows that “Her heartbeat is your best lullaby”

Women’s White Gold Plated Meteorite Necklace of Lunar

Necklace of Lunar

This AWNL necklace piece is inspired by the beauty of the lunar eclipse. With an intricately made “moon” as the centerpiece of this necklace, this is a great gift for anyone that loves the romance of our moon. This will imbue the wearer with strong magic and lets the wearer’s personality and attraction channel through. Also made with Muonionalusta meteorite, CZ diamonds, and white gold plated sterling silver, at the decent price tag of $399, this is another piece suitable for all relationships.

Women’s Polestar Wishing Necklace

AWNL Polestar Necklace

Another celestially inspired design of a shooting star. With the brilliant CZ diamonds forming into the head and tail of a shooting star. With dazzling rose gold plated sterling silver, this piece represents the love and affection that you can give and the hope from a wish upon a shooting star. At the lower end price range of $179, this is a great gift for any starting relationship.

Scandi Bracelet Gifts for Her

Women's Sterling Silver Bracelet with Triangle Meteorite and CZ Diamonds

Meteorite Pyramid Bracelet

This piece is inspired by the triangular theory of love. The theory has three precepts - intimacy, passion, and commitment. Thus symbolized by the triangle of this bracelet, the wearer will be imbued with powerful loving energy. A shooting star as a bracelet, the meteorite imbues the wearer with strong protection and manifests wishes into reality. With the price tag of $349, made with CZ diamonds and white gold plated sterling silver, this is a great gift for any relationship.

Women's Drawstring Beaded Bracelet with Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry Quartz Bracelet

A vivid combination of Madagascar strawberry Quartz and Cloudberry, this AWNL beaded bracelet conveys a message of happiness, love, and joy. At $219, this an affordable bracelet loaded with cuteness. Perfect for a valentines from a beginning relationship.

Women's Bracelet of Rainbow with Opal

AWNL Rainbow Bridge Bracelet

This women’s bracelet is another jewelry piece inspired by Bifrost, the rainbow bridge that leads from our Earth realm to the realm of the gods in Asgard. At $219 this is a great gift for that first valentines day with your partner. The Australian Opal adopted in the bracelet represents amplification, hope, and purity.

Women's Double Wrap Nuummite Beads Bracelet with Swedish Meteorite

AWNL Nuummite Beads Bracelet

Faceted cut Greenland Nuummite beads infused with Swedish meteorite material engraved with Norse mythological symbols make this a meaningful bracelet. The four-leaf clover and star charm represent luck and brings good fortune to the wearer. The horseshoe bead symbolizes peace and the owl bead symbolizes wisdom. At the high-end price tag of $549, this’s a suitable gift for a couple that has been together for years.

Women's Starry Night Meteorite Bracelet

AWNL Starry Night Bracelet

Inspired by Nordic lightchaser, the embedded CZ diamond arch symbolizes the day and the meteorite half-circle symbolizes the night. As the story goes, the lightchaser follows during each night and day cycle as a symbol of commitment. At an affordable price of $289, this is a great jewelry piece for any couple.

Hopefully this guide has given you some ideas for what to give your partner for Valentines. Remember that each gift must come from the heart and be thoughtful. That is how you show your partner your gratitude and love for your relationship. Happy Valentines!