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11 Celtic Symbols & Meanings in Jewellery

11 Celtic Symbols & Meanings in Jewellery
"Celtic Symbols and Meanings in Jewellery for Strength, Family, Love"

Driven by the contemporary consumerism, people always race against time to catch up with novelty and fashion trends. They are obsessed with the ever-changing styles of jewellery, and few people are willing to slow down to think about the origin of all jewellery. What is the meaning behind it? And what is the relationship between accessories and human beings?

In this fast paced era, we decide to be a slow-footed traveler to bring gemstones, charms of Celtic symbols and meteorites with a history of hundreds of millions of years to the wearers. Connecting people with earth and Cosmo is the core value of our brand.

1. Celtic Wheel Symbol Meaning

Celtic Wheel Pendant Necklace

The Celtic wheel is also called the Wheel of The Year. It is a calendar passed down to us by our Celtic ancestors, who are rooted in the rhythm of nature and the universe and the interconnection of all things. People are exhausted living in this strive-driven world. The Celtic Wheel is an ancient map. By spinning into a new world, it can help human beings restore their balance and return to their own sovereignty.

The wheel or the chariot wheel is generally shaped with six or eight spokes as an important symbol in historical Celtic polytheism. It is associated with a wheel-god, identified as the sky- sun- or thunder-god called Taranis. Numerous Celtic coins also depict such a wheel. And gradually the four spoke wheel emerged in the Bronze Age and they were commonly identified as solar symbols or sun cross. By wearing such wheel pendants, it is believed to bring blessing to the wearer – may the god be with you.

2. Celtic Triskelion Symbol Meaning

celtic trisklion

The word – “Triskelion” actually means “Three legs”, which was derived from Greek word Triskeles. It is a pattern with triple spiral exhibiting rotational symmetry, as if three legs are running and spinning around the center of a unity. It can represent the holy trinity in Celtic Christian, and can also be understood as the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. By doing a Triskelion tattoo or wearing a Triskeles pendant, it is believed to signify energies of the wearer with motion, movement and energy, in particular within this Celtic Symbol the motion of action, cycles, progress and evolution.

Sometimes, Triskeles is also known as the Celtic love knot - one of the oldest Celtic symbols. The three sides represent earth, water and fire. The continuous line represents love, unity and eternal life.  

3. Triquetra Celtic Symbol Meaning

triquetra celtic symbol

Triquetra also known as trinity knot, is a symbol has been interpreted as representing the Christian Trinity - spirit-mind-body, especially since the Celtic revival of the 19th century. However the symbol is far more complex than our recognition. It has not just one meaning, as it is also believed to resemble the past world, the present world and the future world; power, intellect, love , and creation-preservation-destruction. It is also a Celtic symbol for family meaning - mother, father and child.

Also known as “Trinity knot”, the Triquetra was adopted by early Christians from an ancient Pagan symbol. In Pagan mythology, it represented earth, air and water or-life, death and rebirth. The Triquetra is sometimes referred to as a Celtic triangle, but is more accurately a three-pointed shape. 

4. Celtic Antler Symbol Meaning

 Celtic Antler Symbol

Showing AWNL Ancient Protection Bracelet

During a deer's life the antlers fall off and grow again, endowing the antler a symbol of regeneration and rebirth. In the Celtic era, Celtics portrayed the deer as a powerful force in the woods. Antlers are a symbol of the Celts, and Celts believe it is the best thing among all animals.

Nowadays, antler tattoos appear on many tattoo lovers, representing that they are full of love in their hearts and show a unique temperament. Antler symbol represents longevity, beauty, kindness and tolerant personality. In Western countries, it also means the longevity of love.

5. Four-leaf Clover Celtic Symbol Meaning

Four Leaf Clover

The four-leaf clover also originated from Celtics. The first leaf represents hope, the second leaf represents faith, the third leaf is love, and the fourth leaf is a symbol of luck. When you’ve got the four-leaf clover, you’ve got all the good wishes on earth. "Did the fairies ever whisper in your ear, that a four-leaf clover brought good luck to the finder?”

6. Celtic Runes Meaning

Celtic Runes Meaning

Showing AWNL Viking Collection

There are 24 Celtic runes or we say Runic alphabet, each having its unique meaning of Energy, Reconciliation, Stagnation, Transformation, Gateway, Elemental, Flowing Water, Movement, Rebirth, Warrior, Fire, Harvest, Joy etc. Those runes mean secret in modern Irish "rún".  

7. Celtic Knot Meaning

There are multiple knot symbols in Celtic culture. Salor’s knot, Bowen knot, Solomen’s Knot, Trinity knot (Triquetra) and more.

7.1 Sailor’s Knot

Celtic salor knot

The Sailor's Knot is a four-pointed Celtic knot, with two entwining, looping lines creating the overall shape. When the Celtic sailors would leave home, they wove notes to remember those left behind. The Sailor's knot is a Celtic symbol for strength and love.

7.2 Solomon’s Knot

celtic solomon knot

The knot has no visible beginning or ending, and is thus believed to represent immortality and eternity. In association with the Biblical monarch Solomon because of his reputation for wisdom and knowledge, the knot is called the seal of Solomon. The two entwining figure has also add another meaning – love to the knot, making it a Celtic symbol for love.

7.3 The Tree of Life (Celtic sacred trees or fairy tree)

Tree of Life

Showing AWNL Tree of Life Bracelet

The Tree of Life also takes the form of a complex Celtic knot, signifying harmony with nature, it might also represent balance, particularly in relation to the balance of nature and the 4 seasons. In Celtic mythology, trees are sacred figures. They represent wisdom and prophet who has the knowledge of all times. Balance and wisdom is the meaning behind this Celtic symbol.

7.4 Dragon Knot

celtic dragon knot

Almost all cultures around the world have some kind of creature similar to the mythological dragon, and Celts were no different. In Celtic artwork, dragons were often depicted with their tails in their mouths, symbolizing the cycle of nature and immortality, as well as power and energy. Often twisted upon itself, the symbol begins to resemble Celtic knots.

8. Celtic Cross Symbol Meaning

Celtic Cross

Showing AWNL Cross Pendant Necklace

The Celtic cross is somehow derived from the Celtic wheel cross with only 4 spokes, resembling the sun cross.

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