Gift for Father's Day

Gift for Father's Day

What is Father’s day?

Father’s day is a special day in a year to express your appreciation to your beloved father, each country celebrates this special event on various dates.


There are 52 countries and regions in the world celebrating father’s day on the third Sunday of each June. With the rise of globalization, father’s day gets more and more attention worldwide.

The origin of Father’s day

The debut of father’s day was in 1910 in the US to celebrate fathers and fatherhood as its counterpart of mother’s day. With the organization and assitance by Sonora Smart Dodd, the first father’s day was celebrated in Washington 1910.


Sonora Smart Dodd from Arkansa, honoring her father, a civil war veteral, Willian Jackson Smart, after hearing a sermon about Mother’s day at a church in 1909, she told her pastor that they should honor and express appreciation to fathers on a special day just like mother’s day does. She suggested father’s day to be set and celebrated on 5th June first, on her father’s birthday, but there was not enough time to make preparation for this event, consequently the celebration of the very first father’s day took a rain check, and confirmed on the third Sunday in June eventually, which also established as a state holiday to celebrate father’s day. Since then father’s day was celebrated in other states of the US and countries around the world after years of evolution and development.


How to celebrate Father’s day? 

Celebration on father’s day also varies from country to country, but mostly are related to giftgiving and family gathering or fancy dinner.


Traditionally, family gathering is the most meaningful way to celebrate this holiday with fathers, as a popular saying goes viral online the best father’s day gift is spending this common but special day with your father. 


To prepare an exquisite breakfast for your father like he did for you in the past many years.

To take a look at photos, those happy moments that you enjoyed with your father when you were young.

To do something that your father is interested as he did for us many years ago.


But things have changed a lot with time passing by, more and more sons and daughters would like to bring a special gift on father’s day to celebrate it more like other significant holidays. When it comes to a giftgiving with unique meaning on this day usually is a headache. Most sons and daughters wish their fathers and parents good health and happiness, but how could make those wishes real?


AWNL, all we need is love, a brand from Sweden focus on talisman jewerly with a touch of energy healing is here to help you out. With Swedish meteorite centers its core of bracelets, necklace and earrings, AWNL makes it possible for you and your beloved ones to hold a real shooting star in the hand and make all wishes come true.


Technically speaking, a meteorite is also a shooting star, which is believed possess a power to make dream come ture. People are willing to make wishes while seeing shooting stars, what is more, it is widely convinced that when there are shooting stars, the gods will be looking down on us and listening to our wishes. Therefore, a gift with meteorite is ideal for our pursuit on father’s day, it can turn our wishes into reality.


Protection and companion are what all fathers needs, which is a symbol of meteorite. Meanwhile, meteorite is a gift from the outer space, unique and one-of-kind just like fathers’ love to their kids, it is also a token of love, traveling through space and time only for you and your beloved ones, this just like father’s love, unconditional and quiet in the dark protecting kids no matter what. So as a return, kids should give back of this love with an extraterrestrial gift.


Regarding to the wishes of good health, we need to know that at an atomic level, our universe remains at a state of vibration. Talisman jewelry with energy healing is extraordinary adpet at keeping a stable vibration based on their structure. As human beings, we, on the other hand are a very sophsiticated complexity of vibrations that can be easily influenced and become out of balance which turns us ill and under the weather. All kinds of things and stuff can make an impact on our vibration easily, from external influences such as electromagnetic and geopathic stress, to internal ones such as continuous negative thought patterns and depressing emotions.


Energy jewelry releases steady vibrations that promotes to create balance and squeeze Zen into the dimension surrounding us. It is the very reason that energy jewelry has been used with their significant healing properties around the world for thousands of years. And this also an ideal gift what kids are seeking to bring good health to their father.


What is more, energy jewlery from AWNL can be also incorporate with meteorite, what we need to know is meteorite is born with extraterrestrial energy, combining with natural gemstones and crystals, extra energy doulbles its effectiveness of energy healing, dispeling evils, negativity and adversity far away from our fathers and beloved ones. That is also the reason jewelry from AWNL are used as a strong protection and talisman.


All in all, giftgiving on father’s day is one of many meanigful ways to express your deep, sincere and lifelong love for your father. Celebration on father’s day is not a formalism, but a sign of gratitude, appreciation and returns.