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How to Choose Meditation Necklace - Ultimate Guide

How to Choose Meditation Necklace - Ultimate Guide

What is A Meditation Necklace?

Meditation necklaces are generally used during meditation sessions, and they are believed to somehow help you concentrate and enhance the sessions. Meditation necklaces are generally made of mala beads, however, meditation pendant made of other materials can also serve effectively for the cause.

For spiritual people, a meditation necklace is a regular wearable. They wear the necklace to enhance intuition, mind and spiritual development, and they are good for meditation. When one is done meditation, mala beads necklace can be taken off and worn on the wrist as a wrapping bracelet.

There’s also a need for this meditation necklace during astro-project and traveling to other and different places and dimension, which might need additional protection for the person who is spiritually traveled.

How Do You Choose and Use A Meditation Necklace/Pendant?

1. The energy you want to obtain:

You’ll need to determine the power that you’d like the piece to provide you with during the meditation. This may relate to the power stone of the pendant, for instance, the different gemstones for Chakra beads.

Crown Chakra – Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite.
Third Eye Chakra – Amethyst, Fluorite, Charoite.
Throat Chakra – Lapis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate, Sodalite.
Heart Chakra – Watermelon Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Rhodonite.
Solar Plexus Chakra – Golden Topaz, Citrine, Golden Calcite.
Sacral Chakra – Citrine, Amber, Carnelian.
Base Chakra – Red/Brown/Black – at the base of your spine

The material of the necklace - silver or gold chain or beaded necklace.

2. Shape and design 

Shapes and elements included in the design, e.g. symbols, runes, etc. Some may prefer cross shapes and some may prefer round ones.


Top 10 Meditation Necklaces Infused with Modern Design

  • Locket Meditation Necklace

Rose Gold Locket Necklace AWNL

The rose gold locket necklace takes the form of an Armillary sphere or Astrolabe globe. The terrestrial globe in the center is made of Swedish meteorite. The compages of the outer silver rings resemble the principal circles of the heavens, which are embellished with engraved runes and CZ diamonds. You can easily open the exterior part of the pendant from the bottom to have a closer look and touch of the center globe. As a lovely miniature of the planetary system, it is a great meditation pendant to connect with the cosmos.

  • Tree of Life Meditation Necklace

Tree of Life Meditation Necklace

The Tree of Life meditation necklace is inspired by Norse mythology. The sacred tree, its branches and leaves are always green since it is fed by well of fate and destiny. With the combination of meteorite in the background, this necklace conveys a blessing - to be evergreen.

  • Vajrayana Meditation Necklace

Vajrayana Meditation Necklace

Travel into the east to pursue secrets of Vajrayana, healing and uniting humanity through ancient Tibetan wisdom. This meteorite meditation necklace features a Vajra pestle serving as a talisman to dispel evils and adversity. The iconic Muonionalusta meteorite bead is placed in the middle of the pendant, moving and twirling, representing the entirely free spirit and revitalizing our spirit with energy from the infinite Cosmo.

  • Octagon Meditation Necklace

Octagon Meditation Necklace

The octagon pendant is embedded with Muonionalusta meteorite flakes, an ancient meteorite from the heavens instilled with the cosmic energy of the universe during the time it was traveling through space. These octagon energy columns are the culmination of fine art and experienced craftsmanship. The potent essences this necklace has will give its wearer the ability to overcome obstacles, allowing them to be fearless and brave in the face of adversity. 

  • Sword of Seven Seas

Sword of Seven Seas

Inspired by the Greek mythology - Hecate held the sword that pierced through the darkness. Ancient Muonionalusta meteorite carries the energy from the outer space which has the ability to conquer all difficulties.

This pendant can be used as a meditation necklace with its meaning of braveness and power, to protect the ones who are doing astro project.

  • Eye of Horus Meditation Necklace

Red Eye of Horus

The eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. Combined with Red Tiger Iron which signifies motivation and faith, this necklace carries both the myths of Ancient Egypt and the power of the rare gemstone.


Eye of Horus Yellow

Combined with the South African picture jasper which instills a sense of proportion, brings comfort, alleviates fear and cultivates harmony, this necklace carries both the myths of Ancient Egypt and the power of the rare gemstone.

  • Arrow Meditation Pendant

Arrow Meditation Necklace

This sterling silver necklace features an arrowhead, a symbol in Nordic mythology of breakthrough and infinite possibility. The powerful Muonionalusta meteorite with inscribed 7 Nordic white magic Runes guides and pushes the wearer with strong magic. FEHU, GEBO, WUNJO, ANSUZ, JERA, TYR, SOWELU, meaning prosperous, gift, joy, positive, harvest, warrior and wholeness. This pendant can be used during meditation while in the meantime allows the wearer to have motivation, courage and strength in daily life.

  • Vajra Sword of Wisdom


Vajra Sword of WisdomThis pendant necklace is a unique combination of East meets West. They are a tribute to the Buddhist philosophy of Vajrayana with an infusion of Nordic minimalism. The Vajra Sword of Wisdom is an instrument in Buddhist philosophy that cuts through ignorance and ego and other self-generated obstacles of the mind. These will slice off all annoyances in our daily lives and the engraved Vajra flame shields the wearer with strong protection magic.

  • Cross Pendant Meditation Necklace

Cross Pendant Meditation Necklace

The cross pendant is a classic design, yet never outdated. Our craftsman has inscribed strong magical Runes on it with 33 paved pyramids including the meteorite pyramid in the center. Those engraved 6 Runes are JERA, TYR, ANSUZ, FEHU, WUNJO, and GEBO which were originally a part of an ancient ritual performed by Nordic wizards as a wish granting magical rite. 

For dedicated meditation lovers, AWNL also provides meditation jewellery customization based on the existing designs.
Materials: can be replaced by 18K gold and platinum;
Gemstones: can be replaced with other ones or even diamonds;
Sizes: XS, XL, XXL or customize your unique size;
Due time: 15-45 working days;

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