How to Measure Ring Size

How to know my ring size? There are tons of measuring methods for ring sizes; however, you may find some of them get you an incorrect outcome. Here this post is prepared to help you measure in a correct manner. 

All you need is – a paper, a pair of scissor, a pen, a ruler, and a ring size chart.

measure finger

Step 1: Cut out a rectangle paper slice
Use a ruler to determine the length and the width of a rectangle and cut it out with your scissors.

Step 2: Wrap the strip of the paper around your finger and mark with your pen where it overlaps. 

measure ring size

Step 3: Straight the paper against the ruler and measure the paper from the beginning to the marked line.

Step 4: Compare the length with the ring size chart and you will know which ring size fits you the most.

Sure, you can replace the paper with a string or yarn that is not stretchy for ring size measurement. However, if you are about to purchase a wedding band or a ring with wide band, we still recommend that you use a paper with width to cover the whole proximal phalanx.

Your finger knuckle is also a must to measure, since some of the knuckles are bigger than the root. So you might need to guarantee the ring passing the knuckle first.