Guide on How to Wear Rings for Men - Unique Gift

The right way for men to wear rings and the meaning behind the positioning of rings have always been a concern for many people, since wearing rings incorrectly can easily lead to embarrassment or misunderstandings.

how to wear rings for men

As an ornament, the ring has gradually become an indispensable item in a man’s daily wear. In addition to that, the ring also serves as a status symbol, conveying to others the state and attitude of the wearer’s relationships. Now let’s take a quick look at the pictorial guide on specific ring-wearing tips for men and the meanings behind those positions. Only by understanding the correct ring-wearing style can the correct meanings and hints be conveyed, for both the wearer and observer.

Why Do Men Wear A Ring?

Men's Meteorite Rings

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  • Symbol of power

In ancient times, many wealthy officials and even kings and emperors deem rings as indispensable accessories to show off their high status and great power. This makes the ring a symbol of power. The better the quality or material of the ring, the more conspicuous it is. And this applies to our modern age as well.

  • The need for fashion

Many men now wear rings purely for fashion. Coupled with a suitable ring, it can effectively improve the exquisiteness of the overall outfit for many occasions, and display charm and personality for a man’s unique fashion style.

  • Because of love

The ring is also the most important token in marriage, symbolizing the unswerving love between two partners. Therefore, many men wear a ring on the ring finger of their left hand to express their love for their significant other.

How Do Men Wear Rings?

Now speaking of how men wear rings, you may need to picture your two hands out and make note of your fingers.

Which Finger Should Men Wear A Ring on? (ring & finger symbolism)

  • Left index finger

Men's Index Finger

If a man wears a ring on his left index finger, it usually indicates that the man is unmarried. However, whether there is a relationship or not, this information is unclear. Most men may wear a ring on their left index finger solely for decoration.

  • Left middle finger

Men's Middle Finger Ring

If a man wears a ring on his left middle finger, it proves that the man is engaged. Therefore, if you have a good impression of this man, you should also remind yourself that he is already engaged.

  • Left ring finger

Men's Left Ring Finger

If a man wears a ring on his left ring finger, it proves that the man is married. As is known to all, wedding rings are worn on the ring finger of the left hand. This is because the blood vessels on that finger is believed to be directly connected with the heart, which implies the purity and steadfastness of love.

  • Left little finger

Men's Left Little Finger

If a man wears a ring on his left pinky, it often indicates that he opts for non-marriage life, at least for now. He can be very romantic and enjoy a relationship without marriage, but it’s also possible that he changes his mind when the “one true love” is found. You can try starting a relationship with them, but don’t push for commitment.

  • Left thumb

Men's Left Thumb Ring

Wearing a ring on a man’s left thumb is believed to be an indicator of character – strong with an authoritative personality. It doesn’t have much connection to personal relationships, but may add  a masculine vibe to his outfit.

6 Types of Rings for Men

  • Meteorite Rings for Men

Meteorite Rings for Men

Men's meteorite rings are generally unique in both style and material, especially the Widmanstätten patterns of Muonionalusta and other varied beautiful patterns of Kamacite and Taenite, each one exceptional and special. For space enthusiasts and astronomy lovers, the meteorite ring is a perfect gift from the heavens.

  • Celtic Knot/Cross Rings for Men

Celtic Knot/Cross Rings for Men

The Celtic knot ring or Celtic cross rings are designed with Celtic symbols including ancient trillion knots, sailor knots, and Solomon knots. These knots are in complete loops with no beginning or end. They are said to represent eternity, whether it means loyalty, faith, friendship or love. Each design uses only one thread, symbolizing how life and eternity are related to each other.

  • Skull Rings for Men

Skull Rings for Men

Skull rings for men deliver a message of the fleeting existentialism of life, since the skull acts as a reminder of death. Seize the day you have and live life to the fullest. 

  • Wood Rings for Men

Wood Rings for Men

Wood rings for men can convey a wish for continuous growth and strength. This type of ring also symbolizes the evergreen and thrives on love and friendship.

  • Tungsten Rings for Men

Tungsten Rings for Men

Rings made of Tungsten are more affordable than gold or platinum rings, more scratch resistant than any other metal, and available in a wide range of styles, colors and inlays. Remember to avoid purchasing rings with copper since those rings can turn your fingers green.

  •  Wedding Rings for Men

Searching for men’s wedding rings? Band rings are more casual to wear for both you and your partner. With or without a diamond, this depends on your budget and frequency of wearing the piece.

At AWNL, we also offer a slew of gemstone rings, couple rings and silver rings for men. Materials including onyx, labradorite, and CZ diamond are made for the best sparklers for low-key men.