AWNL Sustainability Statement

Talisman jewelry is fast becoming the hallmark of modern jewelry around the world, which not only conquers but embodies the culture and history of various civilization. AWNL, as a modern talisman jewelry brand is focusing on spreading the healing energy to the world.

Since the foudation of AWNL in 2011, we are aware that our brand has a long-lasting influence on the use of natural resources and economic impact on local community. Engaged in the jewlery industry as a vivifying and emerging brand, AWNL has attached great significance to sustainability socially, culturally, environmentally, technically, practically and economically.

The voyage of sustainability with AWNL is to steer and guide our business as sustainable as much as possible with positive progress.

Healing energy carrier

As far as the micro level is concerned, the whole world situates at a vibration state. Talisman jewlery with healing energy is excellent at sustaining a steady status. Owing to their composition and structure, natural gemstone and crystals shower us with the stable radiance of the sun and moon. As a carrier of the nimbus of heaven and earth, natural gemstones and crystals produce a consistent balance to neutralize unfavorable turbulence in the dimenssion we exist.

Gemstone and crystal gathering

Natural materials are the only choice of AWNL, we gather gemstones and crystals from all over the world, from Auralite-23 in North American Canada to black onyx in South Americal Brazil, from charoite in Siberia to Nuummite from greenland, AWNL is committed to bringing the finest gemstones and crystals to the world. For doing so, we scrutinize our supply chain, review manufacturing process as well as decrease carbon emission cost-efficiently.

At the same time, we know that we will make a long-lasting impact on local communities, we are not only create job opportunities for local people with a decent payment, but also responsible for a guarantee that no one in the entire supply chain shall face any work-related pollution, dangers, injuries or even casualties.

Gold and silver processing

Exquisite craftsmanship stands out as one of our core values, we attach great significance to all the details. Our team will scrutinize the supply chain, only the silver and gold with first class quality will be selected and used in our supply chain. More importantly, silver processing enjoys the same importance as gold, we process our silver with the same technologies and processes as gold. By doing so, the texture, details, gloss and quality of thses silver and gold accessories from AWNL makes a magnificent difference from what you can buy from any other stores. Additionally, our gold and silver components are nickel free, solid and hypoallergenic, wearing them on you, they will elevate your taste and style.

Climate care

AWNL spares no effort to lower carbon emission from all of our business daily routines, from paper printing to air conditioning, nothing will be trivial when it comes to climate change. Meanwhile, we also take care of carbon emissions with entire supply chain, from top to the bottom, climate change response has been one of our top priorities as we keenly aware that our business, supply chain and life relies on environment and the mother earth. We are also making investment on the low carbon technologies to create better and more environment-friendly commercial solution and further cut carbon footprint.

Similarly, we are striving to present and preserve natural energies without any chemical engaged in the manufacturing process. As a pioneer, we are saying a big no to chemical disruption and pollution, sharing and presenting skin-friendly jewlery is also one of our priorities to our customers.

Sustainability is a capacity to endure in a relatively ongoing way covering various aspect of life and work. With emerging and fresh technology, AWNL manufactures low-carbon products and decrease our carbon footprint. We are building an eco-friendly carrer and industry to guarantee the interest of everyone engaged and a good environment.

May the energy and sustainability with you.