Demystifying the Swedish Meteorite Ring Meaning

- Awakening a 4.5 billion-year-old legend

To a romantic, the universe is the final frontier and discovering the mysteries of the universe can unlock great spiritual energies. The Muonionalusta is a billions of years old gift from outer space turned into a new favorite for stylish men that want something spiritual and fashionable.

The 4.5 Billion Years Old Legend of the Muonionalusta

The Muonionalusta was formed 4.5 billion years ago. The same time period as the origin of life on Earth and is older than most diamonds. (Most diamonds found in nature are between 1 and 3 billion years old.)

4.5 billion years ago, a massive impact event deep in the iron core of an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter shattered the asteroid, and the material that would later become Muonionalusta was ejected into interstellar space.

After traveling through space, the meteorite crash landed on Earth about a million years ago. It has survived four glacial ages on Earth and was buried deep in the thick permafrost of the Arctic Circle. Surprisingly, the meteorite has been preserved quite well despite it’s age, with many specimens showing only slight internal weathering. It was not until 1906 that the first Swedish meteorite was discovered by humans in Norrbotten, the northernmost part of Sweden, about 140 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.

During it’s travels through space, it experienced periods of extreme heating and cooling. This stress, which, over a long period of time etched the iron and nickel minerals into a mysterious metal texture - the classic and beautiful Widmanstätten pattern on the surface of the Swedish meteorite. This unique texture provides an authenticity to the Swedish meteorite that is one of a kind.

The Muonionalusta is the endorsement of miracles. Only a few meteorites can fall on the earth, and most of them disintegrate when they enter the atmosphere. Those that successfully pass through the atmosphere and enter the earth become the meteors we wish for. Thus this meteorite is a testament to the miracle of all living things.

Stishovite Super Quartz is a mysterious substance that does not normally form on Earth. A 2010 study, using lead isotopes in Swedish meteorites, concluded that the super quartz in Swedish meteorites came from an interstellar impact event in the universe hundreds of millions of years ago. It is this vibration frequency of the super-quartz that brings the special healing function and energy blessing of the Swedish meteorite.

In such an energy healing system, Swedish meteorites are considered to have powerful soul protection abilities. It is a strong protector for travelers and people in adversity. It guides the way for lost souls.

In Nordic culture, the Swedish meteorite symbolizes the realization of dreams and protection.

Swedish meteorites have incredible energy to focus vibrational waves of people's thoughts and intentions. Medieval magicians would drive Swedish meteorites to serve goals and dreams by concentrating and transmitting energy. When ancient healers performed energy therapy, they would hold a Swedish meteorite in their left hand and perform rituals with their right hand. Shamans and mystics would make wands from Swedish meteorites, connecting meteorites scattered throughout the universe. This focuses the external energies to the wand and makes true desires manifest.

Interstellar Couple's Meteorite Ring Meaning

meteorite rings set

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The triangular shape design of the ring is taken from the love triangle theory (intimacy + passion + commitment = perfect love) of Yale University social psychologist Robert J. Sternberg. The blessing of stability is integrated into the wearer’s love. Triangular stars sparkle in the night sky, shining new meaning into your relationship.

Seven Seas Meteorite Ring Meaning

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The design is inspired by the Greek myth Prometheus who obtained the fire of creation and invention from the ancient gods and turned it into a ring. The Seven Seas represent the map of the world in ancient Greece. In addition, the vast ocean also implies the unfathomable infinite potential of the seas. Unknown voyages represent adventure and wealth.

The extraterrestrial meteorite inlaid on the ring, the legendary Swedish meteorite, absorbs the cosmic force for the wearer, brings the blessing of outer space energy that imbues the wearer with the courage and self-confidence of "going into the sea".

"When the sky enters the sea, it is omnipotent. Conquer your world with this mighty ring."

Spaceship Meteorite Ring Meaning


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The Swedish meteorite combined with the shape of a spaceship, combines futuristic elements with the style of our technological age. Wear the meteorite and feel the blessing of cosmic kinetic energy that travels through time and space.

"Flying through time and space into your heart"

With a real meteor in hand, the wearer’s wishes will manifest.

Pyramid Meteorite Ring Set Meaning


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As if a gravitational field is bending the space around a mass, this ring bends the love and attraction energies around the wearer. This gravitational field in love channels your loving energies to those around you.

In "Interstellar", "only love and gravity can travel through time and space." This proves that the universe is one with everything and everything is interconnected.

Meaning of Sphere Meteorite Ring of Lunar


Showing AWNL Sphere Meteorite Ring

Inspired by a solar storm, which is the massive energy release from the sun, this meteorite ring restores the Swedish meteorite to its former appearance in the shape of a planet.

Hundreds of millions of years ago, it was an asteroid floating in the vast universe. After the impact, its core wandered in space for a long time. It passed by Mars, saw the moon, and passed through countless planets before it came to the earth.

This unique origin makes this magical meteorite channel deep space energies to the wearer.

The Bottomline

In modern energy medicine, meteorites are valued for their ancient cultural and spiritual heritage as well as the energy vibrations auras that it channels from outer space. The basic principle of energy medicine is that a fundamental energy field produces physical, emotional, and psychological behaviors or symptoms. Many energy medicine scientists have been experimenting with the use of meteorites to change spiritual energy fields.

The Swedish meteorite is a "lucky star" -- a celestial object-- older than the Earth itself. This makes the Muonionalusta an eye-catching artifact with a definite unique origin story. This is what makes meteorite jewelry, especially rings so unique. Channel the power and potential of the heavens with meteorite rings.