Top 7 Swedish Christmas Gifts that Will Impress Everyone

Young couples are passionate about gift-giving to their loved ones especially during this Christmas season. The romance is woven into the snowflakes, the neon lights, and the peaceful long nights full of wonders. However, once you start to think about how to choose the perfect Swedish Christmas gift for your partner, this seemingly simple endeavour can become a complicated mess. The Gävle goat for xmas is kinda cliche for recent years and so does Swedish crystals for home decor. Then, how on earth can you find the perfect Swedish gift for your significant other?There are basically two principles to be bear in mind:

1. Highly Romantic Gifts

If your partner is more of a romantic, then consider getting a more meaningful gift.

2. Highly-priced but Practical Gifts

To simply put, you can buy luxury brands items for daily use. (e.g. buy her cosmetics from Oriflame)

1. Swedish Christmas gifts for couples with certain hobbies

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For instance – a Prada Tumbler or a Prada Lunch Box. You won't go wrong presenting your partner with these luxury branded daily goods, since these can be the top picks for your loved one to use when they go out camping, hiking, skiing, or cycling. You can also get him/her a Xmas gift of ABBA Discs if they are audiophiles at heart.

xmas gift ideas

You can also take a look at the Mont Blanc pen. If your other half is a writer, this is a perfect gift since it is a top-tier brand that conveys your support for your partner, but it also will not break the bank.

xmas gift ideas

Electronics like the Apple Watch or other smart watches are great if you and your partner are always on the go. You could even get a matching pair for yourself. Gaming consoles are also decent choices for you to play games together and have fun at home.

2. Swedish Christmas gifts for couples with a more artistic taste in life - Polaroid

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Couples with an artistic taste preferences may seek something more artful. An oil painting, a good book or some nice photographs are usually three of the top choices. Polaroids would be ideal if your other half has a photography hobby. Brands like LOMOGRAPHY or FUJIFILM are quite entry-level. You might as well check out POLAROID and Leica. Catch the beauty of photography together with these loving gifts.

3. Christmas gifts for outdoorsy couples - Massage Gun

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Ever wonder if your partner feels muscle tightness or soreness? Whether it is shoulder or neck pain caused by bad posture or muscle soreness after exercise, a massage gun can solve it all! If both of you have fitness habits, buying a massage gun can be the ideal choice. Not only will you feel better after a long workout, but the relationship between you and your significant other will also get closer. Reminder: The massage gun should be used on tightened muscles with a moderate vibration to achieve the desired soothing effect. Don't hit a joint or any injury!

4. Swedish Christmas gifts for couples - Jewellery and Accessories

Swedish xmas gift ideas

Whether it is earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings, nothing is more classic than a dazzling piece of jewellery. Some may complain that this is almost too old-fashioned, but the trick is to choose the right brand! Although seemingly pricey there are many brands that have affordable jewellery. You can start with an accessory brand, like the noble and elegant Swedish designed AWNL, with it’s classic meteorite (shooting star) collection as a perfect symbol for romance and eternal love.

5. Swedish Christmas gifts for young couples - Communication/Consumer Electronics

Phone accessories, like mobile phone cases, headsets, mobile chargers, or Bluetooth speakers are decent choices.

Nowadays, most people are inseparable from thier portable electronic devices. Pretty phone accessories, in addition to good functionality, can be aesthetically pleasing while displaying your personality. No matter what style your companion is into, do not worry, you will be covered.  Whether it’s a baroque style, cute cartoon style, minimalist style or a girlish style, there are thousands of styles for you to choose from for all major phone brands!

6. Swedish Christmas gifts for couples who have everything - Something that makes you feel warm

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Gloves, scarves, coats, and jackets that keep you warm. Swedish brands including Fjällräven, Tretorn, Eytys, Hestra, and Stutterheim are your second to none choices. You may well go to the Arket to seek more innovative ideas.

The Christmas season is approaching, and the chill is getting stronger. When you go out shopping or for a date, don't forget to keep warm! In the cold winter breeze, giving each other a warm and comfortable scarf, a nice pair of gloves, or a decent jacket can be very hearty. Warm your partner’s heart by warming their body.

7. Swedish Christmas gifts for married couples - Something that cheers you up

This may include drinks and snacks. Champagne brands like Pol Roger, Moet, Veuve Clicquot, and Ace of Spades are great choices. You can also prepare some home-made cookies with parlanskonfektyr and desserts wrapped delicately – sweet and delicious.