What Is Viking Bracelet Meaning?

What Is Viking Bracelet Meaning?

In the viking age, everybody loved jewelry, no matter you are young, old, male or female. Jewelry has become part of their everyday life, work, hunting and even battles and wars. Sometimes vikings had to hide or wear their jewelry if they will have an expedition with others. Apparently, vikings were pride of their jewelry, let’s explore the reason for that.

Where were the Vikings From ?

I guess you will be swallowed by questions when it comes to the root that where were the vikings from? Why are they so popular and hot in recent years? I think it is a tough question for anyone even if you are a big fan of vikings.
To find their roots, we have to understand that, we need to know that Viking spoke Old Norse, “Vik” means a bay or inlet, Vik is the root of viking, meaning a pirate.
The vikings are believed to be Norwegian, Swedish and Danish seafaring warriors in ancient times, so generally speaking the vikings were from what we call Scandinavian peninsula.

What jewelry did the Vikings wear?

All kinds of jewelry were their cup of tea, they loved jewelry more than anything, from head to the toe, necklace for neck, earings for ears, arm band for arms, bracelet and bangle for wrist, ring for fingers. Silver and bronze were their favorite among different metals. What we also need to know is that viking society was a society with strict hierarchy, society status and position of a man in their community and tribes have made a huge difference in jewelry wearing. Females were more fond of bronze brooches and armbands, earrings were not attractive to them in the very begining but have changed with time went by.

What remains unchanged is the design philosophy that are connected with Viking culture and symbols, such as runic alphabet, the Tree of life, hammer, triangles and horns. Some animals were also a part of their jewelry design, these elements have been widely applied by a number of jewelry companies, such as AWNL, which is a Swedish brand focus on talisman jewelry with a modern touch.

What materials were preferred by Vikings?

Jewelry was usually made of bronze, gold, silver, glass, and brass. Gold and silver had to be outsourced as it didn’t occur naturally in their land. They did this by gathering gold coins collected during overseas trade. Whether they had gold or not, it didn’t matter because the Vikings loved silver more.

They also wore beads made from precious stones and rocks but they rarely used rocks to adorn their silver pieces.

Given the age that Vikings were living, jewelry were most likely made of bronze, silver and even gold. Precious metals can not be planted in their soil, but can be gathered, collected or robbed in their raids all over Europe. They did not care what metal or valuables they got, gold or not, they just loved silver that much. At the same time, precious gemstones were not abscent from their jewelry design, just like modern jewelry.

Why did Vikings wear Jewelry?

Jewelry for vikings were more than an accessory, it is a kind of identification in their tribe. From a jewelry a men wore, you can tell his status, profession and even family.

For leaders and chiefs, the jewelry on them was most likely to show off abudance and wealth. It has more significant meaning as an award, a gift jewelry from leaders was a manifest of bravery, strength and nobleness.

On the one hand, Viking’s society and tradition have been nurtured by their great number of dealings with different gods. It is worth noting that Vikings jewelry supports their culture, many of the jewelry mirrored their ideology, beliefs and gods. On the other, abstract design philosophy of viking jewelry represented as afflatus from their everyday life, animals, natures and gods.

Viking bracelet meaning

Among many viking jewelry, such as bracelet, ring, earrings, bracelet presents as the only one that is on the rise of viking jewelry world. Back then, bracelet also played a more significant role than just an accessary silent in the box. It was an icon and an idetification, a glory to a man who has achieved something special, unique and tough, a symbol distingushes him from others.

In other cases, viking bracelet meaning depends on the designs. We need to know that different element and symbols endow some specific powers to vikings, especially for man who were warriors lived with battles and wars. Rune alphabet was from white Norse magic, which brings protection and blessings. The Mjolnir or Thor’s hammer is a symboly of power and protection, serving as an amulet. Various bracelets enjoy divers properties, but they also share some comon ground, that is hoping the wearer come home safely with victory every single time. Wearing a viking jewelry with strong protection is also positive and functional in the times of covid-19 as Norse white magic ward off eveils and negativity, ensuring us returning home and reuniting families sound and healthy.

Viking jewelry is trendy around the world

Deeply influenced by the viking culture and spirit behind those legend stories, AWNL aims to share with the world a modern talisman jewelry based on viking element. From necklace to bracelet, AWNL adores the Viking’s legendary spirit of adventure and exploration, combining Swedish inspiration, rune alphabet and Balinese silver craftsmanship to represents an exotic style. Masculine, rugged, and avant-garde design, let you traveling back of time and enjoy the feelings of being a viking!