This is AWNL

"Swedish talisman jewellery with a modern touch."
AWNL is an invocation system of rituals and energy. It is a meditation combined with materials, craftsmanship and mythology.
AWNL is based on a belief in the Nordic mythology and about the ability of material to hold power. Spreading the energy is one of the main reasons why the brand starts.
It was the passion for creating the magic objects that nurtured the brand. From Swedish meteorite to rare crystals, from Tibetian hornbone to Mosasaurus tooth fossil, we are redefining the modern jewellery design.


“Material = Gathered Energy”

                                                                            ----Emanuel Swedenborg

AWNL’s philosophy about energy protection was born far before the first collection series. All our jewellery are a salute to the wisdom of the Swedish philosopher and mystic Emanuel Swedenborg who has enlightened us from the very beginning.
At the atomic level, our universe is in a constant state of vibration. We human beings, however, can be easily disturbed and unbalanced. The need for energy protection is therefore as important as the need for air and water.
We select only the finest natural materials in the world. And all the details are refined for being perfect. Nordic mysterious modern jewellery is both fashionable and functional with healing power, that’s what we are eternally striving for.