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About AWNL

Our Story

As an early high-end jeweler who went deep into the northern wilderness of Sweden to unearth the Muonionalusta meteorite, our family has been dedicated to making this magical material into a variety of traditional jewellery for the past 35 years.

At the beginning of 21th century, the second generation of our family inherited the company and set sail with a modern and innovative design style.  In 2011, the talisman jewellery brand AWNL (ALL WE NEED IS LOVE) was officially launched.  



Our Concept

AWNL interprets a Nordic meditation in combination with carefully selected natural materials, exquisite craftsmanship and mysticism, awakening the hidden potential of the wearer, while bringing protection and healing energy. We are a handmade affordable jewellery brand that believes natural substance holds power.

Gemstones are endowed with varied meanings in different colors and shapes. In the theory of magnetic fields, they are spiritually helpful to the wearer, not only as an accessory to manifest a stylish outfit, but to bring positive energy and soothing effect.



Muonionalusta Meteorite

One million years ago, the Muonionalusta meteorite pierced the night sky, bringing greetings from the universe to all sentient beings. With unique birthmarks, this meteorite gathers significant energy and romance from deep space. Meteorite collections are the centerpiece of AWNL's jewellery. Apart from the unique geometric Widmanstätten pattern, the meteorite also brings space and time to your daily wear.