An Ancient Magician Stone "Nuummite"

Nuummite, also known as Nuummit, is named from the Municipality of Nuuk in Greenland, where the stone was discovered in 1982. It is one of the very rare metamorphic rocks that also happens to be one of the oldest minerals ever discovered, estimated to be around 3 billion years old. Nuummite crystallizes in the form of lamellae and masses, with a vast majority of this mineral coming out of Greenland and other smaller deposits found in Canada, Spain and the USA.

The Birth Of Nuummite Stone

It's hard to imagine what the Earth looked like 3 billion years ago when Nuummite started to form. There was hardly any land, oceans completely covered the planet with only small islands separating the large expanse of water . The earth was a ‘water world’. It’s also said that the day was only about 6 hours. Currently, the 24 hours a day cycle is a result of the slowing down rotation of the earth over a long period of time. This change has something to do with the ebb and flow of the tides. This ebb and flow comes from the enormous energy that occurs between the earth and the moon. It is a phenomenon in which seawater is pulled by the large gravitic attraction of the moon. Seawater that builds beneath the moon is affected by the maximum gravitational force of the moon, but the friction between the seawater and the seabed does not immediately react to the gravitational force. This is called tidal friction.

This tidal friction deprives the Earth of energy, slowing its rotation and lengthening the day. In this way, nuummite was born 3 billion years ago when the earth was an ocean planet. "Nuummite" is a miracle stone with the early power that the earth once had, that is, a stone born from the pure energy of the earth. The effect of gemstones is said to energize life, support recovery, and amplify power. It’s also said to release the mind and purify the subconscious.

What Does Nuummite Look Like?

Nuummite is mined in a remote region of Greenland and can be extracted only during a few warm months of the year when the ground has thawed out allowing safe extraction. The base color of this mineral is most commonly black, but at times it can be found as charcoal grey.

Special Texture And Luster That Only "Nuummite" Has

"Nuummite" is based on black minerals and is a mixture of fine particulates such as gold and red, giving it a warm-colored hue. These particulates are short and has a metallic luster on the surface, giving its fantastic color. Nuummite, which is chic and rich in color, is also characterized by its unique texture when held. 

Metaphysical Property Of Nuummite

Nuummite is an ancient stone that embodies strong metaphysical properties. Within this dark stone is a strong element of the magical and mystical vibration of the earth. Nuummite works towards bridging the spiritual and physical realms together, providing a channel for higher knowledge and transformative energy to grow and prosper.

Nuummite has a history of being a used as a powerful protective talisman that can shield one from negative energies, such as black magic, evil deities, or curses. That is why we recommend that you carry a piece of Nuummite on you when exposed to an uncomfortable environment or when surrounded by toxic individuals. This kind of talisman will keep your own energy protected, unaffected as you go about your everyday life without the fear of being exposed to constant and unceasing negativity.

It has also been used to relieve pain and discomfort associated with headaches, to clarify or strengthen eyesight and speech. It can also be used to stimulate circulation, to treat disorders of the central nervous system, or to treat disorders of the brain, to stimulate mental acuity, and to reduce anxiety and stress. It can also help to protect against the negative vibrations of pollutants.

Nuummite Jewellery Gift From AWNL

Nuummite jewellery as a gift is special because it reflects the feelings of the sender. In particular, the joy of being given something that the receiver couldn't quite imagine, is exceptional. We offers a slew of affordable natural gemstone jewellery with mysterious Nordic power and at this time, we are happy to introduce jewellery using the natural stone "Nuummite". 

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