Swedish Meteorite

MUONIONALUSTA Meteorite - The Oldest Thing


As an early devoted jeweler who went deep into the wilderness of Northern Sweden to unearth the Muonionalusta meteorite, our family has been dedicated to forging this magical material into a variety of fine jewelry for the past four decades.

At AWNL, our Meteorite Jewelry welcomes you to a timeless universe.

As known as the oldest meteorite ever discovered, Muonionalusta impacted the Earth one million years ago in northern Scandinavia. It is the iron core of a planetoid.

This meteorite came from a planetoid formed in the dense gas and dust cloud that spun around a newly formed star that we now call the sun.

This is one of the earliest solids formed in our solar system. It is 20 million years older than the earth.

Swedish Meteorite History

1 Million Years

Impacted in Northern Scandinavia, west of the border between Sweden and Finland, about one million years ago, the Muonionalusta, known as the Swedish meteorite, is a Space rock and roll!

The first fragment of the Muonionalusta was found in 1906 near the village of Kitkiöjärvi, approximately 140 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. It is part of a planetoid's iron core or mantle, which shattered into many pieces upon its fall on our planet.

Four Ice Ages

Fallen in the northern part of Sweden 1 million years ago, it is hidden under the north light and waited for you for the past four ice ages. The thing experienced so much, far beyond what we can imagine. Wearing it, you are wearing the history of our space and time!

Found by Meteorite Hunters

They followed the trace of meteorites, like hunters, deep into deserted highlands, woods, and the arctic to search for shooting stars that landed on the Earth.


Amazing Widmanstätten Pattern


A unique pattern emerges if you cut the meteorite and etch the surface. The pattern you see here is called the Widmanstätten pattern. It only forms when extraordinarily hot iron-nickel alloys are cooled down exceptionally slowly.


A Promise From The Star


Imagine making a wish when holding a shooting star in your hand! The Swedish meteorite is believed to have some mysterious power to make dreams come true. Wearing an absolute star with you, this meteorite piece with strong protection makes your wishes come true and dispels negativity and adversity from every angle. It is also used as powerful protection in Scandinavia and worldwide. Only empires and the royal family could possess the meteorite in ancient times.

One million years ago, the Muonionalusta meteorite pierced the night sky, bringing greetings from the universe to all sentient beings. With unique birthmarks, this meteorite gathers significant energy from deep space. As a gift from the universe, a touch of outer space, AWNL combines natural gemstones with meteorites to innovate modern jewelry. By wearing these pieces, you are wearing space and time.

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AWNL’s mother company has engaged in the Swedish Meteorite business for decades. To prevent rust and protect the meteorite, we invented the “Meteo-Protecta-Tech.” Our meteorite is coated with a hard resin and a thick layer of rhodium to protect against scratches.