The AWNL silver collections are made with sterling silver. Tarnishing can result from exposure to the air and humidity over time. Storing your sterling silver in a cool, dry, and air-tight condition can offset some of the tarnishing. Keep your sterling silver away from water, pollutant heavy environments, and chlorine.

If your jewellery is tarnished, we recommend gentle cleaning with the dry soft cloth provided in the package.

White spots may appear in places where the gemstone was touched and can be removed by gentle rubbing with your fingers and "oiling" it.

Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions, our customer service associates will be glad to help with any issue.

We guarantee free repair warranty for up to one year from the purchase date for any quality problems that does not include damage resulting from misuse, abuse, or negligence or damage from inadequate or incorrect maintenance or care.