About AWNL

About AWNL


Our Story


As an early devoted jeweler who went deep into the wilderness of Northern Sweden to unearth the Muonionalusta meteorite, our family has been dedicated to forging this magical material into a variety of fine jewelry for the past 4 decades.

At the beginning of the 21st century, as the youngest generation to inherit the family legacy, we set sail
with a contemporary and innovative design framework in seeking breakthroughs from within. “Talisman with A Modern Touch” is how we call ourselves today, and we see it as the ripe time in 2011 to launch our renovated brand AWNL.



Our Concept

AWNL interprets a Nordic meditation in combination with carefully selected gemstones, exquisite craftsmanship, Norse symbols, and mysticism. We believe natural materials hold power and can awaken the hidden potential of the wearer while bringing protection and healing energy.

Gemstones are endowed with varied meanings in different colors and shapes. In the theory of magnetic fields, they are spiritually helpful to the wearer, not only as an accessory to manifest a stylish outfit, but to bringing positive energy and soothing effect.

Men's Rings


Muonionalusta Meteorite


As the oldest meteorite ever discovered, Muonionalusta impacted the Earth one million years ago in northern Scandinavia and was hidden under the northern light for the past 4 ice ages. “Only around 5% of the meteorites discovered are iron meteorites. This makes the Muonionalusta meteorite a rarity.” - Dr. Thomas Müller, an astrophysicist at the Max Planck Institute

The shocking fact is – the artistic Widmanstätten patterns of the meteorite cannot be replicated by human hands, meaning they cannot be reproduced on Earth – a true gift from outer space.