Auralite-23 - A Stone of Calm

Auralite-23, also known as one of Earth’s oldest minerals, Auralite-23 crystals has been scientifically proven as the worlds oldest crystal gemstone which formed more than 1.5 billion years ago while the first signs of life appeared on Earth. Auralite-23 crystals reflects its own journey frozen in time. The only locality in existence is the place of its initial discovery, north of Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada.

Auralite-23 was only recently discovered and pushed into the mineral market within the last 20 years, making it one of the newest crystals in the 21st century. Auralite-23 crystal gemstone is the most powerful crystal on the planet with the highest vibration and holding the energies of 23 different earth elements and minerals all in one, a spiritual healing tool as it opens all chakras and allows an opening within for profound healing.

Auralite-23 Crystal

These energies directly resonate with your chakra column, and allow for complete alignment and reconciliation amongst your entire internal system. Very few stones in the mineral community have the ability to do that, with most requiring multiple sessions to truly access and understand their complex energies.

Auralite-23 crystal has the unique markings and carryings of a master healing crystal from ancient civilizations that are trying to help us elevate to a higher dimension. Auralite-23 can connect you with the Archangels, and other high vibrational beings, and offers aid in releasing grid-locked patterns, developing a sense of calm.

Auralite-23 is a 21st century talisman that has remained hidden within the Earth for far too long. Think about how old this stone is and how we are just finding this rare creation now. Our belief is that this crystal is a counterbalance to the extreme energies we face in this new world. An energy that can assist us continue to find our path on this planet and accept nothing but the best for ourselves. That mindset has long been forgotten in this world, with so many distractions and societal stressors coming our way at all times. Auralite-23 is a reminder to take time out for yourself and embrace sacred minutes for all of the healing and rejuvenation you need. You are  the biggest ally for yourself and can do anything you set your heart and mind too. Embrace who you are and let the purple rays of Auralite-23 push you towards new and ever-growing heights.

AWNL combines the famous Muonionalusta meteorite with the oldest crystal - the Aurora 23 to ward off negativity and adversity from every angle.

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