Citrine - A Stone of Prosperity and Success

Citrine represents as a yellow quartz stone that has been accompanied us for thousands of years. Citrine has long been a popular choice, and it is still trendy to this day. Its attractive color, plus the durability and affordability it shares with most other quartzes, making it the top-selling yellow-to-orange gem.

Natural Citrine has not been enhanced in any way. In fact, it is the same color as it was coming out of the mine. Natural Citrine, which has a pale, golden to smoky color, is not as abundant as its "enhanced" counterpart. The citrine stone is the yellow to reddish-orange member of the crystalline quartz family. Quartz is a hard, crystalline mineral made up of oxygen and silicon atoms. 

Citrine is rare in nature and is quite hard to find. They are very rare but form in the similar way that quartz stones are, given that they are a member of the quartz family. Quartz crystals harden when silicon and oxygen atoms link together.

Citrine Stone Meaning

Naturally formed citrine has previously been found all over the world, although it’s quite rare in this day and age. Natural citrine crystals have been discovered in destinations such as the Ural Mountains of Russia, Kazakhstan and Madagascar, to name a few.

Citrine is believed to have many healing properties. Natural Citrine provides for powerful healing on many different levels. Citrine can help one to overcome depression, release anger, and learn effective communication skills. Citrine can activate one's imagination, bringing more creative ideas to try with new ideas without the fear of judgment and criticism that may have held you back in the past as confidence flows through you.

Citrine is also known as an abundance stone that helps us manifest and attract prosperity, wealth and success. The energy of Citrine is one of happiness and joy that raises our self-esteem and encourages us to express ourselves creativity.

Powered by the Sun, Citrine makes a great tool for transmuting negative energy. It can enhance one's optimism in any situation, bringing a more positive outlook into the conscious and subconscious mind, which allows one to step into the flow of things with better results.

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