The Legendary History of the Swedish Muonionalusta Meteorite

In 1906, several children were playing near a village called Kitkiöjärvi when they found a heavily rusted stone and took it home where, a few years later, it was identified by scientists as an iron meteorite.

This fine octahedron, IVA-class “Muonionalusta meteorite”, fell about a million years ago in northern Scandinavia, west of the Swedish-Finnish border, in an area that ends with the Arctic Circle on the Swedish-Finnish border near the Muonio River.

Muonio River

Muonio River

This meteorite, with a unique birthmark, was hidden underneath the northern lights waiting for four ice ages before finally being discovered by humans, thus making for a wonderful fate.

Widmanstätten Pattern

Widmanstätten Pattern

The Swedish Muonionalusta meteorite is known as the oldest meteorite discovered so far. It belongs to the iron core of a planetary body and is therefore classified as an iron meteorite (mainly composed of iron, nickel and cobalt) formed by alternating ferrite and nickel. The well-proportioned and exquisite pattern of the Muonionalusta meteorite is the incredible “Widmanstätten texture”, which is behind the beauty of this iron meteorite. This is formed by the extremely slow cooling rate of the meteorite, which decreases by about 1°C per million years, forming solid diffusion after tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years.

Meteorite Hunters Who Work with AWNL

Meteorite Hunters Worked with AWNL

Meteorite hunter Richard "Dick" Pugh has been engaged in this business for 30 years and is very famous in the global meteorite circle, but due to difficult working environment, his first wife divorced him, but his current partner is a meteorite fan just like him. Their talents came together and now their two children have grown up and joined the family team of meteorite excavation.

He described his work this way:

"It's very beautiful, but also very dangerous."

Due to the continuous excavation by meteorite hunters, the number of Muonionalusta meteorites has gradually decreased, and the price of the international market has increased by 30% every year, which has led to one of the fastest value-driven meteorites. Iron meteorites used for inlaid jewellery are also experiencing the tension of finding new meteorite raw materials. In a Christie's (New York) meteorite auction, a 103mm sphere made of Muonionalusta iron meteorite was sold for the high price of $350,000 US dollars.

The meteorite fever in recent years has also made world famous watch brands such as Rolex, Piaget, and Jaeger-LeCoultre use the Swedish Muonionalusta meteorite to make their own limited-edition watches, which are highly sought after by collectors around the world. It is fate to own a small Muonionalusta meteorite.

Rolex Watch with Meteorite Panel

Rolex Daytona Watch

Meteorites are seen as divine gifts from God or the universe by many. Long before humans understood the origin and scientific composition of meteorites, they were closely related to human spiritual energy. The ancient Romans regarded meteorites as “messengers from God,” and in Mecca, the holy place of Islam, also has the Black Stone of Mecca, which could be a meteorite stone, and is regarded as a holy stone.

Today, sophisticated jewelers have incorporated these unique and unusual alien fragments into exquisite jewellery designs, which can be seen as a reconnection of humans with the mysterious energies of outer space and other celestial bodies.

We, as the meteorite jewellery brand, take exploring rare natural materials containing spiritual energy at our core pursuit. We are also one of the guardians of resonant energy. We combine rare Muonionalusta meteorites with natural crystals, animal bones, and fossils to create unique designs. Our cutting-edge style of “energy jewellery” is intended to awaken the hidden potential of each wearer, bringing protection and healing effect.

Muonionalusta Meteorite Bracelet

Showing AWNL Classic Meteorite Collection

Anyone who wears Swedish Muonionalusta meteorite jewellery has a clear feeling that their aura will undergo some subtle changes unknowingly. The positive energy of this meteorite is not a purely psychological concept, but also a complex physical one. Because the Muonionalusta meteorite has a high vibrational nature, which helps with spiritual growth, this also enhances psychic abilities, and helps people connect with other mystical ties in the field.

One million years ago, the Swedish Muonionalusta meteorite penetrated the night sky, bringing greetings from the universe to all sentient beings here on Earth. Because of the existence of the Muonionalusta meteorite, it constantly reminds us of the vastness of the universe and the possibility of human beings opening the door to the soul and subconsciousness.