Behind the Design of Atlantis Collection

“Love is our well of inspiration.”

Part of the Atlantis collection derives its inspiration from the Norse mythology - Rhinemaidens from The Rhinegold and The Valkyrie, implying that the ordinary love can always elevate to something higher.

While our roots are firmly planted in the notion of love, the traces of ancient myths, healing powers of gemstones, and the style of quiet luxury are just as crucial to the final mix.

This time, we travelled back to the Scandinavian folklore of mermaids (Nixe) and Rhinemaidens. 

At the bottom of the Rhine, the three Rhinemaidens, Woglinde, Wellgunde, and Floßhilde, play together. Alberich, a Nibelung dwarf, appears from a deep chasm and tries to woo them. The maidens mock his advances and he grows angry – he chases them, but they elude, tease and humiliate him. A sudden ray of sunshine pierces the depths, to reveal the Rhinegold. The maidens rejoice in the gold's gleam. Alberich asks what it is. They explain that the gold, which their father has ordered them to guard, can be made into a magic ring which gives power to rule the world, if its bearer first renounces love. The maidens think they have nothing to fear from the lustful dwarf, but Alberich, embittered by their mockery, curses love, seizes the gold and returns to his chasm, leaving them screaming in dismay.


In Norse mythology, the rainbow bridge Bifröst connects the world of men (Midgard) and the realm of the gods (Asgard). The collection pays tribute to the moment as the gods went cross the rainbow bridge into Valhalla (a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard), seeing Rhinemaidens buried in deep sorrow at the loss of the gold.

Although the glittering beauty of the gold they guard vanished as the gold was stolen by Alberich, the new-found radiance of god on the rainbow bridge could indicate a baptized holy pursuit. 

We found that the rainbow-hued Opal vividly depicts the rainbow’s radiance and Rhinemaidens’ tear as well, and thus combine those elements into the forming of the complete collection. 

love story collection

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