How to Take Care & Wear Meteorite Jewellery Properly

Muonionalusta Swedish meteorite is renowned as one of the oldest meteorites on Earth. Landing a million years ago, it was only in the 20th century that it was discovered and excavated. It is billions of years old and older than the Earth itself.

Loved by the world's luxury brands, respected by global collectors

Rolex, Piaget, Jaeger-LeCoultre and other world famous watches all use the Muonionalusta meteorite to make their own limited-edition watches. As well, many luxury jewellery brands in Europe and the United States also use this Swedish meteorite. Made of nickel iron alloy, it is a useful material for crafting fine jewelry and watches and respected by collectors around the world.

Piaget meteorite watch

Due to the high collection value and limited supply of the Muonionalusta meteorite, its international market price increases by about 30% every year.

The Outer space Legends, the Rarest of its kind

Iron meteorite is a very special kind of meteorite. This meteorite only accounts for 10% of the meteorite content and is rare.

The Swedish Muonionalusta meteorite belongs to the IVA type of iron meteorite, that is, the fine-grained octahedron structure. The cut surface shows the unique Widmanstätten pattern of octahedral iron-nickel crystals. It makes for an exquisitely beautiful space pattern that makes it very ornamental and artistic.

meteorite healing properties

In addition to ironstone and nickelite (Ni8.4%), the Swedish meteorite also found rare elements such as gallium (0.33 ppm), germanium (0.133 ppm) and iridium (1.6 ppm). The M meteorite is the first to prove the existence of Stishovite super quartz.

Because of the special material of iron and nickel metal contained in iron meteorites, the appearance of Muonionalusta meteorites will be oxidized, but the compactness of its texture means that the iron will not easy split, thus products can be stored for a longer time.

After years of research, AWNL has mastered the complex process of polishing meteorites, including the precious metal plating process on the surface of meteorites.

The surface of AWNL’s silver meteorite is particularly electroplated with a layer of platinum and silver. While the surface of our golden meteorites are electroplated with a layer of 18k gold. On the outer layer of these electroplated precious metals, there is also a nano-protective layer to protect the precious meteorites.

But just as famous watches require regular care and maintenance, rare Muonionalusta meteorites also need to be properly worn and maintained.

Meteorite Jewellery Daily Wear and Care

meteorite jewellery care

①Avoid washing with water and chemical detergents
Avoid cosmetics, bleaching powder, various cleaning chemicals, etc. It is recommended to wear meteorite jewellery after dressing, skin care and makeup. Avoid areas where the jewellery touches sprayed perfume. When bathing or swimming or other activities involving water, please remove the meteorite to avoid getting the item wet. If wet, wipe dry with a soft cloth immediately.

②When not wearing for a long time, pay attention to proper storage
Avoid humid environments. If you do not plan to wear it for a long time, it is recommended to wipe the meteorite item to clean it and then store the meteorite in a sealed bag or dry container.

③Avoid external impact caused by strenuous activities when wearing
Minimize strenuous activities and sports during wear, and avoid wearing the coating on the surface of meteorite jewellery under the impact of external force.

④If you use a jewelry box, put the meteorite item apart from other jewelry as much as possible to avoid damage caused by friction when it comes in contact with other jewelry

⑤Degauss and purify meteorites every six months

Energy Purification Method

After using meteorites for healing, the meteorites may cause energy fatigue under the action of eliminating and low-frequency energy. But as long as the meteorite is returned to nature, the negative energy covering it can be released and the original powerful energy frequency can be restored.

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①Moonlight Purification Method
Moonlight can balance the state of energy and gently guide the field of life. Placing a meteorite in moonlight for hours can help it regain its own frequency.

②Music Purification Method
Use music with a purifying effect, and let the frequency of the audio vibration help the energy of the meteorite return to its original state.

Meteorite Meditation for Wishes Come True

In ancient times, people often regarded these rare meteorites as sacred objects. The Muonionalusta was used only by Swedish royalty and were believed to have the power to protect the wearer and fulfill dreams.

Meteorites can focus the vibrational waves of people's thoughts and intentions and can concentrate and transmit energy. Use this energy to manifest reality, and help fulfill your wishes.

Adjust your breathing and bring your attention back to your heart. Take a few minutes to construct your intent. What do you want the meteorite to do for you? It can help you attract wealth, friendship, or love. Help you find your dream new job. Or help you heal and resolve pain and trauma in your family.

Holding the meteorite in your hand, quietly match your own frequency with the frequency of the meteorite, and feel the powerful energy of the meteorite flowing from your palm to your arm and upward into your heart. As this energy enters your heart, feel it open and expand around you.

Take the meteorite to your chest and touch your heart. Speak clearly and loudly the intention you have constructed in present tense sentences, such as: "I welcome love and wealth, and I will manifest them into my life now!" Focus on the energy of the meteorite and sit quietly for ten minutes.

You have established a wonderful understanding with the meteorite and a deep connection to the universe, and when you wear the meteorite item on a daily basis, it will attract magical changes to your life.