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Muonionalusta Meteorite Necklace Meaning - Wish Upon a Real Shooting Star

Muonionalusta Meteorite Necklace Meaning - Wish Upon a Real Shooting Star

Human beings are obsessed with pursuing innovation and romance, and since ancient times, the vast universe has inspired countless artists and scientists to discover its mysteries. Meteorites from outer space are gifts from the universe to our Earthly realm. Thus, they have become the new trend among fashionistas as a must have gift that not only is fashionable, but imbued with spirituality and a unique story.

Meaning - Hold a shooting star & make your wishes come true

Since ancient times, human beings have the ritual of making wishes on meteors. In the world of energy healing, the Swedish meteorite symbolizes the realization of dreams and protection.

Meaning - You are holding the oldest existence on earth

“Muonionalusta meteorites were found in northern Sweden above the Arctic Circle near the Muonio River. While meteorite hunters have unearthed numerous masses in recent years, it was back in 1906 that children discovered the first Muonionalusta while engaging in a favorite childhood pastime: kicking rocks—and in this instance kicking an unexpectedly dense object later verified to be a meteorite. Possessing what is among the highest terrestrial ages of any meteorite, Muonionalusta fell to Earth about one million years ago when the region was glaciated. Despite its age, many specimens exhibit only minor interior weathering as a result of it being “on ice” in the freezer of the Arctic. Muonionalusta specimens are believed to be glacial erratics (material transported by a glacier), and their exposure to churning rocks and ice during the course of four ice ages would account for the smooth surface of most specimens. It is all about the splendor within; when sliced and etched, Muonionalusta displays the classic Widmanstätten pattern, the intergrowth of two iron-nickel minerals that form an unearthly metallic grid in shimmering shades of gray and silver which is diagnostic in the identification of an iron meteorite—and the current presentation is a particularly robust example. “

——Christie's & Dr. Alan E. Rubin at the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, University of California, Los Angeles

The Muonionalusta was formed 4.5 billion years ago. The same time period as the origin of life on Earth and is older than most diamonds. (Most diamonds found in nature are between 1 and 3 billion years old.)

4.5 billion years ago, a massive impact event deep in the iron core of an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter shattered the asteroid, and the material that would later become Muonionalusta was ejected into interstellar space.

After traveling through space, the meteorite crash landed on Earth about a million years ago. It has survived four glacial ages on Earth and was buried deep in the thick permafrost of the Arctic Circle. Surprisingly, the meteorite has been preserved quite well despite it’s age, with many specimens showing only slight internal weathering. It was not until 1906 that the first Swedish meteorite was discovered by humans in Norrbotten, the northernmost part of Sweden, about 140 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle.

During it’s travels through space, it experienced periods of extreme heating and cooling. This stress, which, over a long period of time etched the iron and nickel minerals into a mysterious metal texture - the classic and beautiful Widmanstätten pattern on the surface of the Swedish meteorite. This unique texture provides an authenticity to the Swedish meteorite that is one of a kind.

Meaning - Energy Blessing from Outer Space, the "Walking Amulet"

Meteorites are different from other gemstones and have always received extraordinary adoration. Ancient Egyptian priests believed that meteorites could make people live longer, and the Prophet Muhammad placed the meteorite in the Temple of Karba in the center of the temples of Mecca as a cornerstone. Due to the development of alchemy, meteorites have also become a symbol of the mystical arts, driving countless European monarchs to pursue precious meteorites in search of the fountain of youth.

Swedish meteorites are considered to have powerful soul protection abilities. It is a strong protector for travelers and people in adversity. It guides the way for lost souls. The Muonionalusta meteorite, which carries the blessing of cosmic energy, empowers the wearer to see beyond the obvious and be blessed by the vast energy of outer space.

In Nordic culture, the Swedish meteorite symbolizes the realization of dreams and protection.

Swedish meteorites have incredible energy to focus vibrational waves of people's thoughts and intentions. Medieval magicians would drive Swedish meteorites to serve goals and dreams by concentrating and transmitting energy. When ancient healers performed energy therapy, they would hold a Swedish meteorite in their left hand and perform rituals with their right hand. Shamans and mystics would make wands from Swedish meteorites, connecting meteorites scattered throughout the universe. This focuses the external energies to the wand and makes true desires manifest.

Stishovite Super Quartz is a mysterious substance that does not normally form on Earth. A 2010 study, using lead isotopes in Swedish meteorites, concluded that the super quartz in Swedish meteorites came from an interstellar impact event in the universe hundreds of millions of years ago. It is this vibration frequency of the super-quartz that brings the special healing function and energy blessing of the Swedish meteorite.

The Swedish Meteorite not only transforms and integrates energy centers, but also assists in aligning soul with body, mind with consciousness, and the source of inner light.

Sphere Meteorite Necklace Meaning

Showing Stellar Wishing Ball Meteorite Necklace 

AWNL Stellar Wishing Ball Swedish Meteorite Necklace is inspired by the birth of stars in a nebula. The necklace is in the shape of a hollow sphere with a Swedish meteorite embedded in it. The necklace has a small mechanism to open the hollow part, so that the wearer can clasp onto this real meteor at any time to make a wish.

"Growing in the nebula, it belongs to your legend. Revolving around wishes, igniting inner fusion. Galaxy Changing emits shining starlight"

Dark Sky Park Meteorite Necklace Meaning

Showing Dark Night Park Meteorite Necklace

AWNL Dark Night Park Swedish meteorite necklace, inspired by THE NIGHT PARK International Dark Sky Association. This international non-profit organization strives to make everyone understand how humans are connected to the night sky. Inspired by this, AWNL designed this meteorite necklace in the form of a bright galaxy and stars.

"To me, you are the center of the universe. Like a star that has drifted for 4.5 billion years, you radiate the light of the entire universe and guide the direction of love."

Meaning of Meteorite Necklace of Lunar

Showing Meteorite Necklace of Lunar

This AWNL romantic necklace is a small flying saucer with Swedish meteorite. The design inspiration comes from the mysterious flying saucer UFO of visitors other worldly visitors. Combining the Swedish meteorite with the circular luminous shape of a flying saucer, it is a very dreamy and romantic piece.

"You are the little flying saucer that broke into my time and space, "flying" into my world, "saucer" entering my heart, a miracle in my life, a close encounter from the stars! "

Airplane Meteorite Necklace Meaning

Showing Paper Airplane Meteorite Necklace

This AWNL romantic paper airplane Swedish meteorite necklace was inspired by Swedish designer ROLA. The unique geometric cut meteorite jewellery is made according to the simple design of a paper airplane. Project the majesty of flight with wishes to the wearer of freedom and rising fortune.

"Take flight into the bright starry sky. The sky is full of stars, over boundless realm. With sweet inspiration, landing and staying in your heart. That throbbing ache of freedom is a testament to love."

Meteorite Necklace of Flipped Meaning

Showing Meteorite Necklace of Flipped

AWNL filpped Star Movement Swedish Meteorite Necklace, a combination of ancient Swedish meteorite and an electrocardiogram pattern. A necklace that symbolizes a heartbeat. With a difficult special-shaped meteorite cut to create a meteorite heart design. The 4.5 billion-year origin of the Swedish meteorite,

The heartbeat is an expression of infinite love.

"I will meet countless people in my life. Some are ordinary and dull, some are flashy or superficial. But occasionally, I will meet a person who is as bright as a star. When I really encountered this heart-wrenching moment, I found that nothing can. Compared to that, and you are the one who made me jump."

Arrowhead Meteorite Necklace Meaning

Showing Arrow Necklace of the Swedish Meteorite

Time and Space forms the legendary Swedish meteorite into a shape of an arrow from the Stone Age. In Norse culture, when the arrow is held in the hands of the gods, it is a symbol of truth and protection. When an arrow is held in a human hand, it is a symbol of strength.

In addition, the pendant is also engraved with the Nordic magic rune - the rune of grace, giving the wearer protection of ancient energy. Providing you with kinetic energy, enhancing courage and strength, and helping you achieve success and breakthroughs in your life.

"Guard you with love that travels through time and space. May you move forward bravely and run towards infinite possibilities."

Meaning of Vajra Swedish Meteorite Necklace

Showing Vajra Swedish Meteorite Necklace

AWNL Tantric Barrier-Breaking Vajra Swedish Meteorite Auspicious Necklace, inspired by the powerful Tantric instrument Vajra, this piece is inlaid with circular Swedish meteorite in the Vajra to create this necklace, providing multiple blessing energy protection.

Meteorite is the best material for casting a diamond pestle. In Tantric culture, meteorites are a perfect metaphor for the inseparability of color and emptiness. The diamond pestle made of meteorite has powerful energy, and gives an invincible aura. It can cut off troubles and destroy obstacles in your life.

"When you see the vajra, think peacefully, do whatever you want, and get what you want quickly."

Sword of Seven Seas Meteorite Necklace Meaning

Showing Seven Seas Meteorite Necklace

AWNL Star-field Swedish Meteorite Seven Seas Blade Necklace, inspired by Hecate. In ancient Greek mythology, Hecate was the one to break the blade of darkness. Like a walking guardian artifact that is imbued with the legendary Swedish meteorite. It draws the cosmic force for the wearer and brings the blessing of outer space energy. Break down all obstacles for anyone with adversity in their life.

In addition, the vast ocean also implies an unfathomable infinite potential that drew people to explore the unknown depth to find adventure and wealth.

"Chop the waves, go from heaven to the sea. Create a world and develop a career."

Octagon Column Meteorite Necklace Meaning

Showing Octagon Meteorite Necklace

AWNL octagonal space-time energy column meteorite necklace is inspired by the attraction of the universe. The octagonal body used in the shape of the pendant symbolizes the capture of energy in time and space and the absorption of cosmic forces. Black zircon inlaid with profound mysterious power and energy blessing used for body protection and transportation.

"May you be full of energy, not afraid of challenges, and move forward bravely."

Cross Meteorite Necklace Meaning

Showing Cross Meteorite Necklace

AWNL Interstellar Crossing Swedish Meteorite Cross Necklace, Engraving the Lost Ancient Nordic Magical Script, the Rune of Grace, on the Sacred Cross. The rune of grace on this necklace means "success", "rich wealth", "courage and self-confidence", and is full of lucky blessings.

The legendary Swedish meteorite inlaid in the center of the pendant is matched with the graceful rune with the meaning of blessing, and the energy is double-blessed.

"The energy is with you."

The Takeaway

When people wear meteorite jewellery, they are establishing a connection with the starry sky and the mysteries of space. The Swedish meteorite carries the romance of "picking a star and giving that star to you". It brings people the healing power of the universe and the powerful energy blessing of outer space.

The Swedish meteorite is a "lucky star" -- a celestial object-- older than the Earth itself. This makes the Muonionalusta an eye-catching artifact with a definite unique origin story. This is what makes meteorite jewellery, so unique. Channel the power and potential of the heavens with meteorite jewellery.

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