Top 4 Scandi Valentines Jewellery Gifts for Men

On the hunt for a good gift for your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day? This annual event is often a mixture of excitement and hysteria on loop in our heads as this special day draws near. When in doubt, meaningful jewellery always makes a great gift. AWNL Stockholm helps you find this gift by giving you a hint – how about an exquisite jewellery piece that carries a heartfelt message?

From spiritual meaning of Protection and Courage to Love and Persistence, a Nordic inspired gift from AWNL gives a power that is sure to impress and endure throughout time, conveying your love and affection for that special someone in your life. Men of all kinds - sport buffs, workaholics, comic book enthusiasts, all can be fitted with a unique piece of jewellery that goes well with their unique fashion taste. Each piece adds a trendy pizzazz to everyday outfit, giving off a striking feeling with that token piece at his side.

Who We Are?

AWNL is the first Swedish men’s jewellery brand that makes its foray into the meteorite jewellery market, combining a perfect blend of ancient Swedish meteorite (Muonionalusta), natural gemstones, delicate craftsmanship, and modern design. Our jewellery comes in a variety of styles; poetic, whimsical, chic, legend-inspired, and every one of our pieces can be worn to work, out for parties, or whenever you feel like bolstering your confidence. Below is a small list of gifts that you could purchase this Valentine’s Day 2022 for your special man.

Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gift for Him when You Start Dating

Giving a small piece of jewellery will always impress those who receive such a wonderful gift. With your excellent taste in men’s fashion, rather than worrying if it will turn out alright, know that AWNL jewellery will always set the bar high for great gifts this holiday season. Since this may be your first Valentines gift for him, just know that it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. A simple show-stopping bracelet will do just the trick. 

Vagabond jewllery collection for men

AWNL’s most trending dual color-blending men’s bracelets collection – Vagabond collection understands this simple notion. “Poseidon”, “Tiger Roar”, and “God of War” bracelets are of stylish design and second-to-none choices to show off your jewellery appetite. They will enhance those who want to add some sophistication to their work attire, or those who’d just like to stand out from the crowd. The meaning behind each of the bracelets and gemstones adds additional story and weight that certainly will increase your wrist game, as they are the perfect match for the kid-at-heart or those who just have a great interest in Nordic mythos. 

Valentine’s Day Jewellery Gift for the Right Guy in Your Life

Sometimes you just don’t need forever to determine if he is the one; sometimes, you know right away that he is the one that you wouldn’t let go easily. In this case, invest in something really worthy of the moment this Valentine’s Day, the black Nuummite bracelet for men from AWNL. This fantastic bracelet is less shimmering than other brightly colored accessories but is no less eye-catching at all. It plays a “quiet-luxury” role on his wrist, and especially so when paired with a lavish watch to match. 

Nuummite Bracelet for Men

Legend has it that the 3-billion-year-old nuummite mineral is a magical stone commonly used throughout Europe by magicians in ancient times. It has a mysterious spiritual and magical power to it which can enhance telepathy or intimacy between love birds. Wearing nuummite stones is like traveling through millions of years, glancing back at the primordial growth of ancient earth, feeling its eternal time and its natural spiritual power. This bracelet is believed to turn eternity and strength into love, as well as guard the ones you love.

Valentines Jewellery Gifts for Him in a Long-Distance Relationship

A long-distance relationship needs commitment and patience to show that the both of you are in it for the long haul. In so doing, why not take this special day as a chance to make a commitment to your partner? AWNL’s meteorite necklace can act as a witness to your determination. 

Sword of Seven Sea

AWNL "Sword of Seven Seas" necklace, embellished with a meteorite slice, has a good reason to stand out in this case. It implies that the two of you can hew out your own unique path together, no matter what may come. The 100-billion-year-old meteorite, which traveled from far away in outer space, represents a promise from the stars. Having your partner wear this piece can be set as a daily reminder of your perseverance and your strong desire to remain together. 

Valentines Jewellery Gift for Boyfriend Who Is Culturally Ravenous  

Tend to dress up your better-half, who aspires for something deeper, with more than your run-of-the-mill attire? Then style him with a piece rich with culture and history. 

dragon blood bracelet

AWNL "Dragon Blood Bracelet" mixes Swedish M meteorite with the South African dragon's blood jasper. Meteorites symbolize protection and fulfillment of dreams. In legend, the dragon blood stone jaspers were formed from the blood of the dragon killed by Beowulf himself. The stone has always been regarded as a symbol of courage and strength from ancient times to now. This men's bracelet not only implies beauty, but also embodies a low-key yet high-quality design, which easily creates a fashionable and trendy male temperament.

The Bottom Line - Picking the Right Jewellery Gift for Him Base on Your Relationship 

Although AWNL can get you sorted for gift-giving for all types of boyfriends, from whimsical cute to real gentlemen, there’s also a universal time principle that you can abide by. 

  • For a relationship less than three months: Choose a small piece of delightful and interesting jewellery at a reasonable price (within $200). You should avoid bringing too much pressure to the gift receiver while showcasing your own gift picking taste.
  • For a relationship over six months: When you know him better, you can choose a jewellery gift according to your understanding of him or the one he wants the most.
  • For a one-year relationship: You can increase your budget and give jewellery gifts that are highly sophisticated and best represent your affection for him.
  • For a relationship more than two years: Prepare a meaningful heirloom, one that has never been given before.

Good luck and happy Valentine’s Day!