What Does It Mean When You See A Shooting Star

Wishing upon a shooting star has been a fun way to affect change in our lives for a long time. There is something highly romantic about seizing the opportunity and changing our fate. But have you ever wondered what is the origin of this ritual and, the deeper meaning behind it?

The worship of meteors has long existed throughout human history. In Norse mythology, the weapon of Odin, the most powerful god, is Gungnir. It is said to be an incredibly hard material that can pierce through anything. Apart from that, it can strike any target and will unquestioningly fulfill every oath made to it. Once cast out, it would leave eye-catching tracks in the sky, which were viewed as shooting stars.

In the Ancient East, meteors were also a carrier of wishes. People created ten heavenly stems and twelve earthly branches according to their observation of astrological phenomena. They used these tools to guide practice in various fields, including astronomy, geography, calendar keeping, industry, agriculture, commerce and medicine. For these ancient cultures, changes of celestial phenomena were considered omens. When a shooting star sped across the night sky, they would pray that it was an auspicious sign.

There are countless stars cruising in the universe, some of which can be thousands of times larger than our own sun, and others can be as small as a grain of dust. When passing by the Earth, these small stars would be attracted by the Earth's gravitational force. While moving toward the Earth, they would catch fire due to their friction with our atmosphere. These bright mini-stars that burn in our atmosphere are the shooting stars that we see in the night sky.

The chance to see a shooting star isn’t uncommon, but it is still considered a fortuitous event. Light pollution resulted from the expanding range of human activities has made it harder to see a shooting star even when meteor showers occur more frequently. It is a precious experience to see splendid meteors with the naked eye. One has to be lucky enough to view it as the noise from light pollution may block out good viewing.

Shooting stars can also be considered messengers of love. It is a romantic sign when you see a shooting star with your significant other. In popular culture, the connection between shooting stars and love is recognized by most people. Some people choose to start their relationship when shooting stars streak across the sky. Other couples can choose to reaffirm their love when there are shooting stars. Couples can prepare gifts for their significant others on these days to relive these happy moments.

Shooting stars are a testament to the ephemeral. Although it is only a fleeting moment that the shooting star is in our skies, they live on within us by forming a spiritual connection between us and the heavens. This allows for the shooting star to manifest wishes and change our fate.

When entering the atmosphere, asteroids would experience extremely high temperature and high pressure. Debris not totally burnt will land on Earth and are known as meteorites. More than a hundred years ago, we Lundberg family from Stockholm unearthed the Muonionalusta meteorite and forged this magical material into a variety of fine jewellery.

AWNL, launched in 2011, is hence committed to using this powerful Muonionalusta meteorite to awaken the potential of the wearer and strengthen the wearer’s spiritual power to manifest wishes and bestow protection and healing.

Showing AWNL Sphere Meteorite Necklace

This necklace has at its center a piece of the Muonionalusta. With it, the wearer can make wishes whenever they want.

Showing AWNL Y-Shaped Meteorite Necklace

This necklace is designed to capture the beautiful moment when the Muonionalusta meteorite landed on Earth a million years ago. Commemorating the moment for posterity. 

Showing AWNL Arrowhead Meteorite Necklace

The design inspiration of this necklace comes from Gungnir, the powerful weapon of Odin. The Muonionalusta meteorite coupled with Nordic white magic Runes brings the wearer protection from ancient energies.

Showing AWNL Dog Tag Meteorite Necklace

Wearing a piece of the Muonionalusta meteorite reminds us just how small and short-lived we all are as humans. It is important to seize the day and cherish our loved ones.

Showing AWNL Cross Meteorite Necklace

Records of meteors can be easily found in the course of human history. Viewed as the ultimate symbol of romance, meteors represent human beings’ purest pursuit of spiritual power. AWNL dedicates itself to designing meteorite jewelry. If you can harness this power, perhaps the next storyteller for these meteorites can be you.